Forget Arguments About Public Clouds, Enterprise Isn’t Even Ready for the Private Cloud – ReadWriteCloud

Calling virtualization “the yellow brick road to the cloud,” Staten recommends companies assess their own technological maturity and their adoption of virtualization in order to ascertain whether private cloud environments are the right move right now.

According to Staten, you’re ready for the private cloud if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You have standardized most commonly repeated operating procedures.
  2. You have fully automated deployment and management.
  3. You provide self-service access for users.
  4. Your business units are ready to share the same infrastructure.


Staten notes that preparing your IT operations for Stage 4 will take many years, but says that moving to the cloud doesn’t have to wait until then. Rather than a whole-scale switch, he recommends moving smaller projects and investments, such as development and testing, into the cloud. He also recommends outsourcing the internal cloud to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud provider – preferably one that will offer some training.

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