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Mike Arauz: Spectrum of Online Friendship

Nancy reminded me that most online friendships are extensions of off-line friendships. So, who am I really talking about here? This spectrum uses the relationship structure of people on the web who are reaching a point where they would actually … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Creating Distinct-but-Linked Innovation Groups – Vijay Govindarajan – Harvard Business Review

Here are ten tips to nurture a strong partnership between innovators and the core business: Articulate a motivating vision of victory in which both the dedicated team and the performance engine win. Highlight the reality that the dedicated team and … Continue reading

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Does Better Judgment Come With Age? – Tom Davenport – Harvard Business Review

The executive or manager who relies too much on a single or small group of advisors ignores the wider diversity of opinion that can shape a better decision. This is particularly true considering the “echo-chamber effect” we have all seen … Continue reading

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3 things you don’t know about Old Spice’s success –

Article Highlights: Old Spice’s success was not a lucky break; rather, it was a three-year process In order to succeed virally, you need doses of failure and the willingness to learn from those failures Wieden + Kennedy put creatives, digital … Continue reading

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Nodalities » Blog Archive » Linked Open Data and Pavlova

Linked Open Data (LOD) is a concept that many believe they understand.  Take yourself to most any conference that has a connection with data, or the web, or the Internet at the moment, and it will not belong before you … Continue reading

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Creative ways to solve usability problems

It’s sometimes said that usability professionals are good at finding problems, but not quite as good at coming up with creative solutions. This article describes a creativity technique called SCAMPER that will help you effortlessly generate dozens of design solutions … Continue reading

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Hey, Big Spender – MasterCard Buys DataCash For $520 Million In Cash

The news comes a couple of months after rival Visa acquired another major e-payment company, Cybersource, for a total consideration of approximately $2 billion in cash. DataCash offers a single, comprehensive interface that provides e-commerce merchants with the ability to … Continue reading

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Iris Scanners Create the Most Secure City in the World. Welcome, Big Brother | Fast Company

GRI’s scanning devices are currently shipping to the city, where integration will begin with law enforcement facilities, security check-points, police stations, and detention areas. This first phase will cost less than $5 million. Phase II, which will roll out in … Continue reading

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Shopkick iPhone App Lets Users Earn Facebook Credits for Walking Inside Businesses

Shopkick, a startup trying to pair location and shopping, has a new iPhone application out now that lets users earn Facebook Credits by walking inside retail businesses and scanning items. Users obtain Kickbucks, the app’s virtual currency, when their phone … Continue reading

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Check out our infographic below for a visual guide on some of the latest data in the online advertising industry: via View/comment on the original post at blog.cankoklu

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