Conversation Agent: Applying Risk Communication Principles to Social Media Crisis

An integrated social media strategy requires a commitment to customer-centricity, conversation, and community. This means preparation, direct engagement, and real time communication to address any issues -– potential and unforeseen -– that may arise in social interactions.

Do these things:

  • be totally transparent about what’s happening
  • get help to the teams on the front lines
  • provide timely updates — internally and externally (take care of your employees)
  • give people something to do — doing trumps talking
  • get leaders involved — a crisis involves change
  • collect and post information and updates in one central location
  • respond to and clear contradicting information aggressively

Set the tone and continue listening. Most of us are not qualified to speak to technical information, industry relations, regulatory issues, etc. That doesn’t keep us from having opinions on any of those matters.

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