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It is now common practice for brands to include URLs or search calls to action within TV ads to encourage viewers to go online and find out more. 

Renault’s current ‘Megane Experiment’ TV ad asks users to go online, though the execution wasn’t perfect; the URL was too long, and related search terms didn’t all lead to the correct page. 

With this in mind, here are ten best practices to help brands tempt customers online and make the most of any leads… 

  • Include a clear call to action on the ad
  • Use a unique URL or search term
  • Unique campaign name
  • Does the URL or search phrase appear when typed into a search engine?
  • Landing page must match expectations
  • Make sure your landing page has a clear purpose
  • Clear calls to action on landing page
  • Add sharing options
  • Don’t ask too much
  • Provide a range of contact options for visitors
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