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Linked Open Data (LOD) is a concept that many believe they understand.  Take yourself to most any conference that has a connection with data, or the web, or the Internet at the moment, and it will not belong before you see a slide of the Linked Open Data cloud diagram, or of Sir Tim imploring us to give him our raw data now, or if you are very lucky a shot of him doing his imploring whilst stood in front of a shot of the LOD cloud.  –  Simple really, just publish your data as Linked Open Data and all will be wonderful as we move towards the sunlit Semantic Web uplands.  Unfortunately life is never that simple – LOD is not a single identifiable thing.  As Paul Walk eloquently puts it:

  1. data can be open, while not being linked
  2. data can be linked, while not being open
  3. data which is both open and linked is increasingly viable
  4. the Semantic Web can only function with data which is both open and linked

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