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Ones and zeroes gush like Grade A Crude not just from our electronics, but out of our ears and pores and split ends. Yet the more information there is, the less informed we seem to feel.

We race to keep up with the news, the news about the news, the feeds, the tweets, the posts, the inbox. But instead of feeling masterful, all-knowing, there’s a dream-like fear that however fast we run, we’re going to miss that surely-you-knew bullet train, only to be left babbling incoherently on a suddenly-deserted platform.

Information is now the most abundant commodity on earth. These are strange times — not just for us citizens, but for all the corporate citizens that employ us, feed us, and work the engine that makes the world go round. So here are seven home truths to help keep things in perspective.

  1. People Crave Certainty
  2. Branded Content Is a Dangerous Road – Drive Responsibly
  3. Bet on Humans over Technology
  4. If You Have Nothing to Say, Don’t. No, Really
  5. Privacy Is Becoming Pivotal – Take a Stand
  6. Information Works for You, Not the Other Way Round
  7. Empower Your Intrapreneurs
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