Esquire for the iPad: Not Just Another Magazine Under Glass

“The thing that makes a magazine special is that it takes words and images and design and it combines them to make something that is beautiful,” Granger stated. “We missed that opportunity with the web; it rapidly spun out of control and became so templated that it became hard to make beautiful.”

At first, Granger was afraid magazine apps would prove similarly disappointing. “I found early Conde Nast apps for the iPhone and iPad, which were little more than pictures of the magazine with an ugly scroll bar, a betrayal of everything magazines represent: to create something beautiful. With the iPad and Scrollmotion, we were able to mimic some of the magic of the magazine,” Granger said.

Still, he maintains, “No medium will ever be as satisfying as print.”

Video Demo

Mashable’s Christina Warren previews the Esquire app with Josh Koppel, chief creative officer of Scrollmotion.

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