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Based on the legendary Audi Ski Jump advert of 1987, repeated again with the Audi A6 in 2005, Audi’s creative agency have now reinterpreted the idea in a contemporary style on the 30th anniversary of the quattro® technology. It’s now an interactive web experience.

In doing so Audi have created the first banner in the world with motion control. Or in other words: “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Advance through Technology) has been applied to an advertising creative.

Cue more whooping and hollering, plus plenty of thigh-slapping of der lederhosen…

‘Now take the laptop in your hands. To control the car intuitively just tilt the laptop carefully forwards and backwards. Tilt forwards = accelerate. Tilt backwards = brake. Give it a try.’ Hmm, let’s hope Audi’s forthcoming driver aids receive a little more ergonomic thought before they’re released…

So, off I trotted to try this out for myself only to discover a few ‘conditions of use’ that despite qualifying as a “technology aficionado, early adopter, and opinion leader”, I couldn’t, er… use.

You see, to interact with Audi’s new state-of-the-art banner ad you need to have in your possession a MacBook fitted with Apple’s Sudden Motion Sensor and installed with Firefox 3.6, if not then the ad is about as interactive as a dead fish.

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