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Measuring Viral Campaigns

Even though both of these campaigns were successful in terms of traffic and generated much discussion on social media channels, Paine says the real question that needs to be answered is how many customers did they loose? “This is the problem with measuring results in terms of AVE (Advertising Value Equivalents). What’s the value of a ‘trending topic’ vs a customer or a [supporter],” said Paine on Twitter.

Lessons Learned

  • Test your campaigns. Don’t work in a bubble. Just because you think something is funny or great, doesn’t mean your target audiences will agree.
  • It’s ok to be edgy and push the envelope but use good judgment.
  • Speak up (quickly) when you mess up. It’s ok to admit you were wrong.
  • ROI should not just be measured in traffic, number of tweets, and FB shares. Analyzing the impact your campaign had on your target audience and current members is critical. Did it resonate? Did they hate it?

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