The Real Story Behind the “Facebook Phone” [PHOTOS]

Facebook may not be launching a branded phone of its own, but INQ has built a phone that is all about Facebook.

INQ has unveiled the INQ Cloud Touch, an Android smartphone deeply integrated with the world’s largest social network. Thanks to the help of some Facebook engineers, this phone has countless custom Android apps, widgets and quick jump links that dive into every aspect of Facebook. It’s not a Facebook-branded phone though, so don’t expect Zuckerberg to be touting it as the iPhone killer in a press conference anytime soon.

Last Friday, INQ CEO Frank Meehan stopped by Mashable‘s office to give us a private demo of the INQ Cloud Touch. The first important thing to note about the phone is that it runs on Android 2.2, so it runs apps, connects to your Google accounts, and does everything else an Android phone is supposed to do.

Facebook has been built as a layer on top of the phone, though. The home screen has been customized with a Facebook Widget that delivers the News Feed. Not only will users see their friends’ status updates when the first unlock their phones, but the phone will also bring up multimedia content like YouTube videos and photos automatically.

The second core part of the INQ Cloud Touch is its bottom scrollbar, which links directly to the Android Facebook App’s many features. Photos, Chat, Contacts, Messages and more are easily accessible on the device.

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