Letting Gen Y Lead a Management Makeover – Vineet Nayar – Harvard Business Review

Some of the most interesting themes emerging from the entries so far:

Increasing democratic influence on the appointment of leaders. (“The Organization Structure as Free Market”).

Giving people the chance to shape their work and organizations (“Ideas.com“; “The Management Tree“; “Internal bidding for task assignment“).

Creating ways to bypass the filters that impede direct communications (“Can your organization handle the truth?” ; “Live Stream Coffee Chat“; “Who’s the Boss?”).

Correcting the in-built bias towards incrementalism (“Stop incremental change and foster ‘Bold Moves’“; “What if customer delight was our only measurement?”).

As diverse in scope and ambition as these ideas are, they share a central theme: They describe the business world as the Millennials think it should be. This new generation is driven by the unwillingness to inherit some of the negative features of traditional management; indeed, by a sense of indignation that corporate citizens haven’t already demanded better for themselves.

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