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Before we jump into the list there are a few caveats…

  • Not all websites are equal. Not all of these will be relevant to all sites (e.g. ‘Posts’ won’t be any good for sites without blogs and contributors)
  • Not all interactions are equal. ‘Print page’ as an engagement measure is barely worth looking at… or is it? In any case, some of these things are more important than others (hence my scoring / ‘kudos’ algorithm).
  • There is some crossover. For example ‘bookmarks’ and ‘wishlists’ may be the same thing on your site (although they’re not on mine).
  • Some metrics will have sub-metrics.
  • Avoid curve balls. If the widget sucks then it doesn’t matter that 10,000 people installed it last week. It will still suck and they’ll hate it. 
  • Human power is needed to really understand the detail behind the numbers, and to act on that knowledge. Interpretation is key.
  • It’s about quality not quantity. Don’t go counting those spam comments!
  • This is a bit of a braindump and I’ll certainly have missed out various things, so please leave your pointers and suggestions in the comments section below. What are you measuring?

A list of social interaction metrics / KPIs

  1. Alerts (register and response rates / by channel / CTR / post click activity)
  2. Bookmarks (onsite, offsite)
  5. Email subscriptions
  6. Fans (become a fan of something / someone)
  7. Favourites (add an item to favourites)
  8. Feedback (via the site) 
  9. Followers (follow something / someone)
  10. Forward to a friend
  11. Groups (create / join / total number of groups / group activity)
  12. Install widget (on a blog page, Facebook, etc)
  13. Invite / Refer (a friend)
  14. Key page activity (post-activity)
  15. Love / Like this (a simpler form of rating something)
  16. Messaging (onsite)
  17. Personalisation (pages, display, theme)
  18. Posts
  19. Profile (e.g. update avatar, bio, links, email, customisation, etc)
  20. Print page
  21. Ratings
  22. Registered users (new / total / active / dormant / churn)
  23. Report spam / abuse
  24. Reviews
  25. Settings
  26. Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc)
  27. Tagging (user-generated metadata)
  28. Testimonials
  29. Time spent on key pages
  30. Time spent on site (by source / by entry page)
  31. Total contributors (and % active contributors)
  32. Uploads (add an item, e.g. articles, links, images, videos)
  33. Views (videos, ads, rich images)
  34. Widgets (number of new widgets users / embedded widgets)
  35. Wishlists (save an item to wishlist)

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