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The Go Game

You might say that the Go Game, an iPhone game launching this week at SXSW, is the best-researched project in the history of location games. Founders Ian Fraser and Finnegan Kelly have spent the last 10 years running a hacked-together version of the game at corporate team-building events for Google, Apple, EA Games, Zynga, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intuit.

“The managers at Intuit, the guys that do TurboTax–they love it too,” says Fraser. And apparently so does every other company in the Valley. In fact, the Go Game is already pulling down $3 million per annum in revenue without any apps at all.

Until this week, the game worked like this: Your business would hire Fraser and Kelly to come out to your company’s home city for a party or event, where they’d build a game for anywhere from a few dozen to a few thousand employees. They spent time before game-day traversing the neighborhood you select for the game and setting up what the founders call a “textured scavenger hunt.” (Depending on the complexity of the game, your company pays $50 to $100 per player.)

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