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f-commerce comes in three basic flavours

  1. On Facebook (Facebook stores (f-stores))
  2. On-site (Integrating Facebook into e-commerce sites – social sign-on, social plugins, Open Graph)
  3. In-store (Integrating Facebook into the in-store experience – Facebook connected fitting rooms, Facebook Deals (check-ins)…)

Today, we’re just showcasing 1) – f-commerce in the form of f-stores on Facebook itself.  These stores themselves, break into three basic types…

  • Faux-Stores – You can browse, but you can’t buy – product image galleries linking to product pages on web-stores
  • Fan-Stores – Fan-first/fan-only Facebook stores hosting exclusive retail events for fans (B2F (Brand to Fan)), typically selling a small range of products for a limited time (aka campaign stores/tryvertising stores/pop-up stores)
  • Full-Stores – Offering the full web-store experience optimised for, and inside, Facebook

So without further ado, here’s our selection of noteworthy f-stores from big and innovative brands.  Let us know what we’ve missed!

F-Commerce on Facebook (f-stores)

1. 1-800-Flowers f-store

  • What’s notable about it: Where it all began: The first transaction in Facebook at 11.50 am EST on July 8, 2009 for bouquet of flowers ‘A Slice of Life’ on the f-store of U.S. florist 1-800 flowers…

2. Warner Bros f-store

  • What’s notable about it: First movie rentals (streaming) store – exclusive premium content for fans – direct from the Studio – sent Netflix shares tumbling

3. Lady Gaga f-store

  • What’s notable about it: The most popular f-commerce enabled page on the planet 31m+ fans

Check out the source for all the other examples..

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