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Looking to the Future

As much as native and Web are pitted against one another in this debate, the likely outcome is a hybrid solution. Perhaps we’ll see computing as inherently networked and (this is my sincere hope) free for anyone to access. We already see signs of a native Web: WebGL recently proved that in-browser 3D gaming is possible, even running Quake III!

In the meantime, software makers must balance the Web-vs.-native debate based on an application’s primary objectives, development and business realities, and the opportunities the Web will provide in the not-so-distant future. The good news is that until all of this technology makes it into the browser, hacks such as PhoneGap can help bridge the divide. I encourage developers not simply to identify software development trends but to implement them! If the Web doesn’t fulfill a capability your particular application requires, you’re presented with an exciting opportunity to contribute and close the Web/native chasm in the process.

This is just the last paragraph of a very comprehensive article.. Highly recommended reading..

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