Facebook Adds Two Factor Authentication for Login and Redesigns Family Safety Center

This morning Facebook announced the release of several new tools to help users stay safe while using the site. Soon, users will be able to enable two factor authentication to add an additional layer of security to logins. HTTPS browsing has been improved, and the anti-bullying social reporting tool has been rolled out more areas of the site. Facebook has also redesigned the Family Safety Center to be more visually oriented and easy to navigate.

With such a large user base and open Platform, safety issues are inevitable, so Facebook is trying provide as many preventative tools and resources as possible.

In January, Facebook began allowing users to browse the site over a secure HTTPS connection. Facebook recently noted that 9.6 million users are now browsing with HTTPS. However, third-party applications must specify a secure canvas or tab URL, otherwise users are shown a roadblock indicating they’d have to be switched to an HTTP connection to use the app. If users accepted the switch then navigated away from the app, they would still be using HTTP. Now Facebook will automatically return users to HTTPS whenever they finish using an app that doesn’t support it.

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