#Turkish Videos, Music, iPad, Connect and Affection on This Week’s Top 20 Growing #Facebook Apps by DAU

Sanal Video, a popular Turkish video application, was first on our list. The app added 1.2 million DAU — although it has had an odd number of drastic rises and falls lately, and it has reached this level of traffic before. Video Magic added 184,100 DAU, Süper Video ! grew by 129,500 and VidyoTV Video grew by 102,300 DAU. Overall, the apps do all the same things: allowing users to view, Like and share videos to the stream. The exception is VidyoTV Video, which posts a link to your Wall every time you watch a video.

Then there were the aforementioned “affection” apps. Another Turkish app, Send Gift, allows users to send heart-shaped virtual goods to friends’ Walls; the app grew by 354,400 DAU.

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