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Whilst we wait for a new Amazon-Woot!-LivingSocial move, Facebook and Google – seeing the licence-to-print-money success of Groupon local advertising – have come out with there own Groupon-with-a-twist clones – and are beta-testing them now in a limited number of US cities.


  • 70 million members
  • The Deal: 50%+ Off, Minimum Purchases Required
  • Costs: 20%-50% commission
  • Reasons to Choose: Market Leader, Core Business, Extensive Local Rep. Network
  • Reasons to Avoid: Steep Discounts Required, Steep Commission
  • Of Note: Self-serve option as well as full managed campaign
  • Social: Group-Buy Mechanic, Referral Rewards, Social Network Sharing
  • Go to Groupon

Google Offers

  • 200 million members*
  • The Deal: Minimum 50% off, No Minimum Purchases Required
  • Costs: TBC
  • Reasons to Choose: Leader in Online Ads, Integration with Search, Google checkout, Gmail and Place pages
  • Reasons to Avoid: Unproven, Patchy track record in social/e-commerce
  • Of Note: New twist on pitch – Get new customers who have paid upfront
  • Social: None
  • Go to Google Offers

* Gmail users (Google account necessary for deals)

** Facebook Deals are distributed in 8 ways on Facebook: Facebook Homepage, Facebook Deals Page, Sponsored Ad Units, Personal Messages and Wall Posts, News feed stories/updates, onsite notifications, deals tab, emails

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