PayNearMe’s Cash Payments Product Can Now Be Used For Money Transfers, Bill Pay And More

Here’s how PayNearMe works. On participating partners, e-commerce or merchant sites, consumers can use the PayNearMe option to pay for purchases or debts owed. You simply place your order with PayNearMe and print out the given receipt. You then take that receipt into a 7-Eleven and they scan it and you pay in cash. Once you pay, your order with the retailer or merchant will be fulfilled.

PayNearMe has partnered with 7-Eleven and money transfer company Ria to allow users to initiate money transfers or bill payments using their mobile phones and complete these transactions in real-time at a 7-Eleven store register. The process is based on a new, free Ria Card, available now at 7-Eleven stores and which can be used to pay more than 3,000 US billers. This card also can facilitate sending remittances to family and friends.

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