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Mobile shopping scenarios that retailers may want to consider include:

• Location-based services: Retailers can leverage GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID or other technologies to detect the shopper’s location with their permission and find the nearest store. Retailers can then offer promotion information or coupons when customers are passing by the store.

• Self-scanning: Customers can use the camera in their phone to scan bar codes in 1D (UPC) or 2D (QR, Datamatrix, or other) formats on the store shelf, in-store signage or printed catalog. In doing so the consumer can connect directly to the retailer’s Web site for product information, promotions or marketing campaigns.

• Notification: Consumers can opt to receive order status, product availability, marketing and promotion information via SMS, MMS or direct mobile messaging.

• Digital wallet: Consumers can manage the following digital content on their mobile phones:
o Shopping lists: Add items by browsing the mobile Web site or by scanning bar codes on the product label and possibly share the list with others
o Gift lists: View and update a gift registry while shopping in the store or online
o Coupons: Organize coupons and redeem them in the store or online
o Flyers: Receive and manage weekly flyers in the digital wallet
o Mobile payment: Pay by direct mobile billing, Near Field Communication (which allows contactless communication between phones and special readers), pre-filled credit card or other payment information stored in the user profile.

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