Training Secrets From Inside The Googleplex

President Obama with Eric Schmidt

Every other Friday, the company hosts a “Product Spotlight,” a dial-in conference call which Learning and Development Manager Debbie Newhouse tells Fast Company is run like a Jon Stewart-style “talk show" (well, minus any adult toy-themed spinning wheels). A moderator interviews a product manager about a particular new feature, as sales agents across the country, and around the world, listen in. Sometimes there are also slides or video to follow along with online, and the agents get to ask questions via chat. Maybe it's more like Leno.

“People learn best from experts,” Newhouse says, “but they learn best from experts who are not droning on and on.” The secret to the Product Spotlights, she says, is that rather than relying on product managers to dream up a course, the moderator simply guides them to the aspects of the product most relevant to the sales staff.


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