Farewell Flash? Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animations Tool “Adobe Edge”

Adobe’s Support for HTML5 Continues with Edge

“HTML5 is an opportunity for Adobe,” explains Devin Fernandez, Group Product Manager for Adobe’s Web Pro Segment, “that’s not to say there aren’t opportunities for Flash.” He contends that Flash will continue to push forward, and, as we have reported previously, it will focus on areas that HTML5 cannot yet address as well – like 3D gaming for example. (Although even there, HTML5 is making inroads.)

Still, with HTML5 being a relatively new technology, it doesn’t today deliver a consistent experience across the widest range of devices and browsers. For example, Windows XP, which even to Microsoft’s own chagrin remains a fairly popular computer operating system, can only run up to Internet Explorer 8. That means it can’t take advantage of the many major leaps in terms of HTML5 support introduced in IE 9.

In other words, Adobe believes Flash still has a solid future here on the Web for some time. But when the Web is ready for an entirely Flash-free existence, this is surely Adobe’s plan for maintaining its relevance among the creative professionals crowd, including developers and designers alike.

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