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The $700 Million Yogurt Startup – Forbes

Just a few of the millions that go out every day. In a scant four years, Hamdi Ulukaya has built something that even Silicon Valley types should covet: a $700 million business that’s profitable, dominant and growing at a furious … Continue reading

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On cigarette packages, QR codes reveal a nearby place to smoke | Springwise

On cigarette packages, QR codes reveal a nearby place to smoke Ronhill has begun to use QR codes on its cigarette packaging to help consumers find a nearby place to smoke. 8th September 2011 in Lifestyle & Leisure. via … Continue reading

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The Case for Humanizing Business | Social Media Blog by Michael Brito

Social media has succeeded by being more human. Social media succeeded by abandoning the traditional mindset and assumptions of our machine-based organizations, and instead embracing ideas that are much more consistent with what it means to be human. In social … Continue reading

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Building Better Software Through Collaboration: Whose Job Is It, Anyway? – Smashing Magazine

how do we break down the artificial walls that keep us from creating great things together? How can organizations foster environments that encourage natural, unforced collaboration? There are no quick fixes, but these are far from insurmountable problems. I propose … Continue reading

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The proliferation of #mobile platforms | asymco

Amazon’s entry is only rumored but I think the description of it is detailed enough to be credible. The day after the scoop with Amazon, Baidu announced the Yi platform. Baidu is the sixth most visited site in the world, … Continue reading

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Why your viral video never went viral –

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Use humor, but ensure that the humor supports your brand. Humor is very personal, and in order for most things to be funny, it will usually push the edges of NSFW (not safe for work) … Continue reading

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New Moontoast eBook on Facebook Commerce for Brands (#Infographic) | Social Commerce Today

Moontoast, one of the leading social commerce platforms working with retailers, publishers, musicians and celebrities has just published a new, useful and insightful e-book on Facebook commerce for brands. It’s most definitely worth a download – from here (free) – as … Continue reading

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Facebook Just Bowed Out of the Check-In War With Foursquare | Betabeat — News, gossip and intel from Silicon Alley 2.0.

Image of Foursquare’s board via Fortune While some folks might attribute the rumbling feeling that hit New York this afternoon to a 5.9 earthquake in Virginia, Betabeat now knows better. It was the tectonic reverberations of defeat, as Facebook quietly … Continue reading

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16 Ways To Jump-Start Your Organization’s Creativity | Psychology Today

Simply put, the key to increasing creativity in any organization is to make it start acting like a creative organization. Suppose you wanted to be an artist: You would begin behaving like an artist by painting every day. You may … Continue reading

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How Speech Recognition Is Changing Our World [#INFOGRAPHIC]

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